About Chef Gailyn


Chef Gailyn Gagliardi is a Certified Nutritionist & one of America’s leading authorities on healthy cooking, and the founder of Kefir Complete Probiotics, the Life-Changing Benefits of Live Kefir Grains that is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals.  

Chef Gailyn is the Founder and Director of Kefir Complete, a company that creates purely delicious healing foods and kefir based products for optimum health + wellbeing! Kefir Complete is the #1 Most Powerful Healing Probiotic Smoothie in the World! 

"We use live kefir grains and organic whole foods and pride ourselves on developing quality products that will inspire a deeper commitment to healthy living. We were the first company to bring Organic small batch, no sugar, made with live kefir grain, 99% lactose free & gluten free, Frozen Kefir Smoothies to the whole food markets."  

Chef Gailyn is a qualified chef of over 25 years, having worked and trained with some of the best Chef’s and restaurants in the country. To compliment her training, Gailyn has also studied nutrition at the University of North Dakota as well as Clean and Organic Cooking in South Beach, Miami. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.  She was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year after owning and operating three restaurants across the country. 

As the CEO of her brand "Kefir Complete" her commitment to health and wellbeing through the use of quality nutritious ingredients is paramount. Chef Gailyn’s philosophy has always been to keep her food as pure and natural as possible, free from preservatives, artificial ingredients and fillers. Her dishes have been designed for people who love food, who love to eat and who have made a conscious decision to maximize their health and wellbeing. She combines her love of food and fitness within her own life and shares her recipes and knowledge with the world via her published books, website, TV appearances hosting cooking shows and countless print and online articles! 

For more information about Chef Gailyn, her passion for healing foods, and living a healthy life, visit her website at www.ChefGailyn.com